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Abdullah Al-Faouri

Consulting Manager & Public Relations

Abdullah Al-Faouri excels in his dual role as Consulting Manager and Public Relations at Mrj3. Known for his strategic insights and exceptional communication abilities, Abdullah plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s external communications and internal workflow strategies.

  • Superior communication skills, facilitating clear and effective exchanges across various platforms and audiences.
  • Keen observer of workflow processes, ensuring optimal efficiency and continuous improvement within team dynamics.

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Abdullah Al-Faouri possesses a unique set of skills that contribute significantly to his success as Consulting Manager and Public Relations at Mrj3. His expertise in social engineering is critical for analyzing and guiding client relationships and project outcomes effectively. His exceptional communication abilities ensure clarity and impact across all interactions, while his observant nature enhances our team’s workflow efficiency, ensuring that all processes align with strategic objectives.

Social engineering

Expert in techniques, adept at understanding and influencing client interactions and outcomes.


Developed and implemented innovative communication strategies that increased company visibility and improved stakeholder engagement.

Social Media